Flint Tools and Ancient Artifacts

Many of Earth’s societies are badly in need of grounding, and I find that tangible pieces of the past can be helpful ~ a sense of the past to ground us in planning our planet’s and our personal futures. Anyway, toys and simple tools fascinate me! They’re something almost anyone can make and most everyone could use. Native American women made most of the flint arrowheads and flint work as well as all of the pottery shards. When a piece of pottery was broken, it was ground up and reused, buried in the earth as an offering, or just thrown away. These pottery shards were made by women’s hands that touched and felt things I never shall yet things I do everyday. The white quartz pieces were made by males for their spiritual quests. Red flint was ceremonial, as well, being involved in rituals involving blood and life. The stone effigies are clan totems (eagle clan, panther clan, etc.) that were carried for life then to the grave. Mine are all recently made ~ ALL old ones have come from somebody’s grave and stealing from the dead disturbs their sleep. The stealing or selling of Native grave artifacts is against the law, and should be reported.

My African Fishing Tips are from Nambia and South Africa. I am very proud of my new 4,000 year old Egyptian Hunting Tips (flint). They are from the Upper Nile Region. The majority of my flint work are tools from North Florida. Most were "used up" or chipped to unusable and thrown away. The actual arrowheads are the lost ones from hunting or ceremonial (white for ceremony involving Spirit and red for ceremony involving blood or Life). They most likely never killed anything!


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