Zincite, Tourmaline, Moldavite with Diamond in 14K Gold

Clear and Peach Quartz in 14K Gold

Peach Quartz and Kyanite with Moonstones in Fine Silver

Clear Quartz and Kyanite with Amethyst in Fine Silver

Clear Quartz, Tourmaline and Moldavite in Fine Silver

Zincite and Kyanite in Fine Silver

Magical People Make For Magical WANDS!

My Wands are energy toys with specific uses. Each has written instructions.

Willow Dowsing Wands are for locating subsurface fresh/clean water. All are fresh cut creek willow forks shipped damp and come with instructions. They pulls toward fresh water.

Copper Dowsing Wands are for locating subsurface salt/hydrocarbon polluted water. All are 6 gage pure copper wire that has been twisted and hammered in a specific way. Pulls toward shallow hydrocarbons, toxic metals and other flowing/non-flowing subsurface pollutants/ions/messes.

Projection Wands are based on the physical facts. Clear stones focus light while the more opaque/unaligned crystalline structures absorb light. For example, clear emerald focuses (or projects) green light particles while opaque malachite absorbs (or grounds) green light particles. I use conductive igneous rock (piezoelectric quartz, tourmaline, fulgurites and meteorite) due to strength, hardness and conductivity. Sedimentary and metamorphic stones will not conduct enough electrically to project.

Balancing Wands or Talking Stick Wands are for balancing and grounding work. Excellent "talking sticks" for circles. Designed for sparkling, as well as, absorbing lights in most light situations. Both tips are from the same crystal formation with two identical accent stones ~ dependant on use/color. Center is a naturally ground sedimentary stone.

Fulgurite is lightning fused sand, SiO2 ~ hollow glass electrically conductive tubes created by the action of lightning striking the earth and melting Quartz sands. Lightning (fulgar in Latin) strikes and courses downward through wet sands instantly super heating, melting and fusing. After cooling, glass-like hollow tubes can be found networking through the sands for several feet. Outer surfaces are rough and sandy looking with the interior being smooth and glassy. They vary in color from clear pale gray, to smokey gray, to shiny black. The most incredible ones are from Northwest Australian beaches. These are North American, Lechatelierite variety and were found in sand dunes on the Pecos Plains, near Monahans, Ward County, West Texas. The dunes are a white Quartz Sand with trace amounts of iron rich clay laid down 16,000 million years ago. Prevailing wind erosion exposes large beautiful complex systems of "frozen glass lightning" ~ these are the finest naturally electrically conductive fulgurite wands! However, Clay County, Florida is lightning and Fulgurite Capital of the World!

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